Woodside Sanctuary has been extremely privileged to be chosen by Radio Sonder Grense (RSG) and Mr. Fritz Klaaste, to be the subject of a 25 minute documentary which will be broadcast on RSG (100-104 FM) on Thursday the 1st of August at 20:00.

We would absolutely love if you would all tune in to hear a little bit more about who we are and what we do. 💙

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We'd like thank everyone who took part in #NelsonMandelaDay this year! No matter how big or small your actions were, every single one is appreciated by all NGOs, NPOs and Charity organisations who benefit from this incredible day; where time is given in remembrance of the difference made by a true South African Icon, Mr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela! We were privileged to have the members of Metropolitan Life and DENOSA (DENOSA National Page), University of JohannesburgNursing Students and a team from WesBank assisting us for the day.

A heartfelt thank you to the amazing team from Ulink for assisting us with the installation of various cameras around Woodside. A special thank you to Netcare Rehabilitation Hospital for the donation of toiletries, and Wesbank for the unbelievable donation of nappy fabric. We cannot even begin to express our gratitude for this incredible kindness!

Once again, from the depths of our hearts, thank you for all that you have done for us. 💙 #Love #Care #Dedication #Ubuntu #MandelaDay2019 #MadibaDay


Urgent Assistance Needed - An indispensable piece of Woodside equipment is no longer operational, our generator has stopped working after many years of reliably keeping us going at the darkest times. This is a terrible situation to be in, as we are never certain whether there will be electricity or not, due to the unreliability of Eskom, and we are unwilling to risk the dignity of our precious residents, in the hopes that the lights stay on.

We currently have two options:
Repair our old 100KVA machine for R 86,250.00 OR Purchase a new slightly smaller 80KVA generator for R 168 360.00.

Ideally we would love to be able to purchase a new machine, as we have been using our old machine for many years, however the most important thing is that we have a functioning generator.

Any assistance which could be provided to help Woodside once again have a functioning generator would be greatly appreciated by us all, but most especially those in our care and the families that rely on us to provide the best care possible to their loved ones. If you would like to assist, or if you would like more information please contact Loné Lourens at or call on 011 726 7318 or follow this Link.

Thank you!
#GeneratingCare #HopeInTheDarkness #KeepOnOperating #DignityFirst

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Woodside wishes to offer our deepest thanks to the tremendous team from WesBank for their unbelievably generous donation of 90 fluffy pillows, 90 warm duvets, 90 beautiful duvet cover sets, 90 fitted sheets and 90 flat sheets given to Woodside to help us ensure that all of those in our care will be warm, comfortable and happy this winter ❤ Words can never adequately express just how grateful we are for this exceptional act of kindness! THANK YOU! #PeacefulSleep #SnugAndSecure

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The Easter festivities started with a bang at Woodside! From the egg-citing Easter Egg Hunt, to the hopping party in the main hall! A heartfelt thank you for all the donations of Easter eggs and other yummy goodies! You helped brighten up the lives of our angels, and allowed them to share in the joy and excitement of Easter!

A very special thank you to all the Companies, Clubs, Schools and Individuals that contributed to our Easter Campaign! Thank you for the incredible kindness shown towards Woodside in your kind donation of Easter eggs, chips, drinks and other food for our residents. Thanks to your generosity our angels will definitely have an EGG-STRA SPECIAL Easter! 💙

Once again, thank you so much for your kindness! Our angels had an #eggciting Easter 💙

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Our residents had a wonderful time attending the annual Buddy Day on the 6th of April 2019 at Le Salle College. This wonderful event arranged by various Lions Clubs is always a highlight for those in our care. They were assisted by their buddies to take part in all kinds of fun activities and really enjoyed the wonderful music and eating the yummy treats provided! Thank you to all the Lions Clubs for all your efforts in making it an awesome day and to the buddies for your kindness and generosity in giving of your time to ensure that our residents had a fun day! 💙

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On the 26th of February, our angels were blessed to spend some time at the EARTH Centre, petting and brushing beautiful horses!

So on behalf of everyone at Woodside, we would like to thank the incredible staff at the Earth Cetnre for their wonderful assistance throughout the afternoon. We would also like to offer our deepest gratitude and thanks to the Northcliff Rotary Club for facilitating this amazing experience for our residents and for being there to join us.

Our visit to the EARTH centre was greatly cherished by all. 💙

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We were delighted to host our first Sensory Stimulation Workshop on the 2nd of February 2019. Some of our parents and families joined us for an afternoon of various stimulation activities such as TacPac (a sensory communication resource using touch and music), baking and more with their loved ones. These activities allow us to engage and grow our relationships with each other in an interactive learning environment.

At Woodside, we feel that the bond between parents/family and their loved one with special needs is vital to their growth, understanding and general well-being and we encourage all our parents and families to participate in as many of these workshops as they can. Workshops will be held at Woodside every second Saturday.

Please be sure to contact Matron Tania ( or our nursing sisters for more info on the next workshop.

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It was a wonderful day at Woodside Sanctuary on the 18th of January 2019! We were finally able to re-open our Physiotherapy Department for the 1st time since the catastrophic roof collapse which took place in June. We celebrated this special day with a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by our donors, Government officials, residents and staff. Words cannot express how thankful we are to finally be able to re-open the doors of this integral part of Woodside.

Physiotherapy is extremely vital in improving our resident's gross motor functioning, and assists them in the attainment and retention of improved physical function to better enable them to undertake their daily activities and participatory roles within our home. We are overjoyed that our cry for help was so generously heard and many individuals and businesses flooded to assist us in our desperate time of need.

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! 💙

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Starting the new year off on a high note, it is with the greatest gratitude that we once again thank the team from Bernina RSA who so generously gave of their time to hem and sew over 500 new nappies for Woodside’s residents. Your assistance with this vital project is deeply appreciated by all at Woodside, and we thank you for your incredible kindness and support throughout the years.

We would also like to offer our most sincere thanks to the following donors: the Northcliff Rotary Club, Mr. & Mrs. Pascoe, C. Akeroyd, S. Velzeboer, B. Hersov and D. Schnehage for their incredibly generous contributions which allowed us to be able to purchase the fabric needed in order to restock our dwindling supply of nappies. Without your kindness and generosity we would not have been able to get the fabric we needed. On behalf of everyone at Woodside we thank you all for your extraordinary generosity and support. 💙

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Christmas is a time for giving and Woodside has been especially blessed this year with our donors showing their incredible Christmas spirit! Not only were we able to have an amazing Christmas celebration with our residents, but thanks once again to the unbelievable generosity of Mr. du Plessis we were able to do something special for our incredible staff as well.

Mr. du Plessis has been extraordinarily generous this year and decided to sponsor not only our staff lunches (one for each shift) but also our residents Christmas lunch as well. Words cannot begin to express our gratitude to him for helping us ensure that everyone at Woodside had a fun and memorable Christmas.

In addition to this, Tsogo Sun Garden Court Milpark has been extremely generous to us and has given us two vouchers for a stay in their beautiful hotel for two very lucky staff members and guests. In order to decide who the lucky winners would be, we held a raffle, and seeing the surprised joy on the faces of the winners was a Christmas memory which will not soon be forgotten! On behalf of everyone on at Woodside especially our lucky winners we thank you so much Tsogo Sun Garden Court Milpark for this truly special act of kindness.

Without the kindness and generosity of our exceptional donors we would never be able to do the things that we do to benefit not only our residents but also our staff. Your generosity and unwavering support is what keeps us going and allows us to be able to provide the very best care and assistance to our precious angels. We wish you all the most wonderful festive season and a happy New Year, once again thank you for all that you do and have done throughout the year.💙

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What an absolutely stupendously happy day! On the 18th of December 2018 Santa Claus came down the chimney, and made his way to our hall to deliver some very precious gifts! A Christmas Party for all to remember! Joy and love was definitely in the air!

Our heartfelt thanks are due to Mr. du Plessis for his incredibly generous donation of the catering for the residents’ Christmas function, assisting us to purchase additional gifts, the hire of a DJ, face painter and even a balloon sculptor! Your kindness is deeply appreciated, we will forever be grateful for all that you do for those in our care. Nothing could ever compare to this magical day!❤️

A very special thank you to De La Salle Holy Cross College for their contribution of 50 tremendous gifts for our residents today too, these blessings made it possible for each resident to receive two special gift bags full of surprises! Our hearts are full. Thank you!💙❤️🎄


Our deepest thanks go out to AFDA Student Monique and her incredible team, for filming and putting together this absolutely amazing video for Woodside Sanctuary. We cannot begin to express our gratitude for this wonderful gift! Thank you so much!

Please watch this fantastic video below to learn a little bit more about us and the angels in our care.

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Woodside Sanctuary celebrated our annual Long Service Awards on Wednesday, 14th November with our staff and honoured guests. What an incredible blessing it is to have such wonderful hardworking staff at the Sanctuary responsible for the care and treatment of one of those most vulnerable in society, the profoundly intellectually and physically disabled.

Every year we proudly gather to show our immense appreciation and to celebrate the awardees remarkable achievements by sharing a delicious meal, and toasting their success ‘naturally’ with non-alcoholic sparkling blush 😉. However, this year was extra special, as we had twenty staff who received awards for their dedicated service to Woodside ranging between five and thirty years of service. Their commitment and devotion is greatly appreciated not only by Woodside’s Management committee but also by the families of those in our care. To our amazing staff, we cannot thank you enough for all that you do!!! 💙#Woodside #WeCare #LoveYourJob #StaffAppreciation #ThankYou

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63rd Annual Meeting

On the 20th of October 2018, Woodside Sanctuary hosted its 63rd Annual General Meeting, this was one of the best AGMs that has ever taken place at the Sanctuary, not only due to the outstanding attendance by members and parents, but also due to their willingness to become more involved in important decisions regarding Woodside. We wish to thank you all for unanimously deciding to take a stand regarding the Sanctuary's future sustainability.

A special thank you to Mr. Martin Rudman, Director and Chief Financial Officer of Deloitte Capital for his invaluable assistance on the day and our most sincere gratitude to everyone involved with ensuring the success of this imperative event.

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Nelson Mandela Day is not only on one special day, Egoli Gas (Pty) Ltd and Reatile Foundation Trust have proved that people are willing to come together in the spirit of Ubuntu to brighten the lives of those in need. #MadibaDay can be everyday… We can’t even begin to express the gratitude we feel towards Egoli Gas and Reatile Foundation Trust for the unbelievable support they have given to Woodside and those in our care.

Through your actions today by washing windows, painting pot plants, planting beautiful flowers and beautifying our garden, you have helped to brighten the lives of everyone at Woodside.

n addition to the Madiba Day activities which were held at Woodside today, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Egoli Gas and the Reatile Foundation Trust for being present at the cheque handover, for funds which were raised through the Golf Day which was held to benefit Woodside Sanctuary at the Randpark Golf Club on Friday the 31st of August. The dedication and commitment that was shown in organising and co-ordinating that amazing event is deeply appreciated by the management family and staff from Woodside, but most importantly by those who benefit from our services.

We think that the favourite part for our residents today, was the phenomenal cake which was donated. The cake looked so delicious that they were unable to contain their excitement as they dug into this yummy treat! It was definitely a highlight!

Once again, from the depths of our hearts, thank you for all that you have done for us. 💙 #EgoliGas #ReatileFoundationTrust #Love #Care #Dedication #Ubuntu#NelsonMandelaDay


Do you know someone with special needs who requires specialised care during the day? Woodside Sanctuary has a day care facility for mild to moderate physical and intellectually disabled individuals! 💗 T: 011 726 7318 or email Matron Tania at:

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Woodside’s residents and staff were given a phenomenal opportunity on the 9th of September 2018, we were given two tables at the Barnyard production of Big Top Rock by Mr. Richard Austin, it was truly magical and we cannot thank him enough for inviting us to see this incredible show. Such excursions are hugely beneficial not only to those in our care but also the community as a whole! 💙

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Something amazing just happened, and it brightened up our gloomy Friday... 😃 (7 Sep 2018)

A big THANK YOU to the James Ritchie Charitable Testamentary Trust for the unbelievable donation of Cleaning Chemicals to the value of R64 971.09. Words aren't enough to express just how grateful we are for this amazing act of kindness. Once again, thank you! 💙


On behalf of Woodside and the children in our care we offer our most heartfelt thanks to the Charities Distributing Agency of the National Lotteries Commission for approving a total grant of R957 808.00, received by us on Monday the 6th of August 2018. These funds were allocated towards expenses such as cleaning, clothing, food, maintenance, medication, toiletries, staff salaries & benefits, as well as water & electricity rates. Furthermore, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the National Lotteries Commission (NLC) for their sustained support over the years, which has enabled us to be able to continue to provide our residents with a place to live, learn, and feel safe.

× × × × × ×


It has been a lot of hard work but we are thrilled to report that the repairs to our Physiotherapy roof are almost complete! None of this would ever have been possible without the kindness and generosity of you, our incredible donors and supporters. Physiotherapy is extremely vital to the care of all of our residents as it is used to maximise a resident's ability to move and control pain in the joints, muscles and bones. It also helps to improve the range of movement in order to promote health and well-being.

  • At Woodside Sanctuary, Physiotherapy aims to:
  • - Improve muscle tone
  • - Prevent contractions and deformities
  • - Teach walking and positioning
  • - Treatment of chest /respiratory problems

Your unbelievable assistance has ensured that Woodside will be able to continue to provide this much needed service to all in our care. Thanks you so much! 💙

× × × × × × × ×


We are extremely happy to report that last week, the reconstruction of our Physiotherapy Department’s roof commenced. 😁 Work is moving along smoothly and we can now see our new roof taking shape! So far with your assistance and the wonderful donation from Marley Roofing we have managed to raise R288 522.37 towards the total cost of R500 000.00 to repair our roof completely. We are overflowing with gratitude and would like to once again thank everyone whose generous contributions have made it possible for us to begin the work needed to fully restore our Physiotherapy Department’s roof. Your incredible kindness has already gotten us over the 50% mark, and we are certain that your continued efforts in sharing our story will help us reach our final goal. You are all our heroes, Thank you.

× × × × ×


On the 25th of July 2018, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and have a bit of fun in the sun with our residents. Not only does the fresh air do them good but having fun and interacting with their friends and staff is always something that brings so much joy to our angels.

Woodside strives to make sure that our residents medical, exercise and social needs are well taken care of at all times. In this way we ensure that all those in our care remain happy and healthy! #WoodsideCares 💙

× × × × ×


On the 17th of July 2018, we received an unbelievably generous donation from Marley Roofing. They have generously offered to sponsor Ludlow M22 Brown tiles to the value of R94 083.62 which will be enough to rebuild our entire Physiotherepy roof! Their extraordinary generosity will help tremendously in bringing down the total cost of rebuilding, and will help us ensure that our residents once again have a safe and secure space where all their physiotherapy needs can be met. We are eternally grateful to Marley Roofing for this astonishing act of kindness, without their help and the help of everyone who has been assisting Woodside through this difficult time we would simply not have had the means to repair this vital part of Woodside. On behalf of everyone at Woodside especially our residents we thank you!

× ×


This past Monday, the 9th of July 2018, we were faced with the possibility of our Physiotherapy Department flooding due to the unseasonal rain which was experienced throughout the day. Thankfully the rain was not a torrential downfall and a few blankets placed to stop the water were enough to keep the rest of Woodside dry. Unfortunately we were unable to keep the water out of the Physiotherapy department and large puddles of water are still visible on the floor. This incident, along with the fact that the cold weather seeping in through the open roof is causing many parts of Woodside to feel far colder than usual has made it clear to us that we need to start the rebuilding of our Physio roof immediately, before the unpredictable weather causes serious damage to the area which is completely exposed to the elements. We have therefore decided to begin the repair work regardless of the fact that we have not as yet raised the full amount of funding needed to complete this vital undertaking.

We are only able to consider this option thanks to the unwavering support and extraordinary generosity we have been shown, as through your efforts in sharing our posts and so graciously donating to our cause we have, so far, managed to raise R176 600.06 towards the roof repairs. We are completely overwhelmed by your kindness and we are convinced that your continued assistance will ensure that we are eventually able to reach our goal. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!


We would like to offer our most sincere and heartfelt thanks to all our incredible donors, supporters and parents for their support of our Roof Repairs campaign. With your unbelievable generosity Woodside has managed to raise R150 059.06 towards the costs of repairing our Physiotherapy roof! We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the assistance we have received from each and every one of you. Thank you! <3 <3 <3

Woodside would like to ensure that we thank everyone who has made a contribution to our cause, however we have received a number of donations which only have the reference RoofRepairs, #RoofRepairs or a name with no additional information. Therefore we would like to ask, if you have made a donation and have not yet received a letter of thanks and 18A Tax certificate from Woodside, please would you be so kind as to send an email to Loné Botha at or call on 011 726 7318, so that we will be able to personally thank you for your generosity and kindness.

We still have a long way to go but we are sure now more than ever that with your continued support and assistance we will be able to raise the remaining funds and have the needed repairs done to restore our physiotherapy department to full working order once again.

× ×


As you can imagine, this week has been a very trying time for everyone at Woodside. The full magnitude of the catastrophe which has befallen us has become even more evident as the rubble has been removed. The area is completely unrecognisable even to our children who were allowed to see it for the first time today since the structure has been made safe. Those in our care are used to seeing this environment filled with the various physiotherapy equipment which is used on a daily basis to ensure their health and well-being. Seeing it in its current state has stunned and shocked them.

Thanks to your incredible generosity, Woodside has managed to raise R 74 250.00 in donations towards this enormous project. We have already had to spend R 46 529.00, for the removal of the rubble and to ensure the stability of the structure and the safety of our residents and staff. The extent of the damage caused, was more severe than anticipated and the total remaining cost of repairs is R 502 125.65.

We still have a long way to go to raise the remaining funds needed to fully restore this integral part of Woodside. One of our biggest concerns at the moment is that since the roof and rubble have been removed, the entire area is now completely open to the elements. Our greatest worry is that, should it rain, this area will inevitably flood and cause further damage to the structure. We are desperate to prevent this from happening, as any further damage would be far too costly for Woodside to repair. If that should happen, we could lose the Physiotherapy Department entirely. Therefore, we implore you to please consider assisting us in this time of desperation, because we know that without your assistance - the final goal of restoring this vital department will be an insurmountable task for Woodside alone.

Some of our donors have stated that they would prefer to make payments directly to Woodside’s bank account instead of through a third party who would retain a percentage of the donations collected for administrative costs. Due to this and the fact that majority of the donations we have already received have come through our own account we have decided to close down the “GoFundMe” page.

If you would like to assist and make a donation towards the repairs you can make a contribution directly to our bank account - our banking details:

Standard Bank - Account Name: Woodside Sanctuary, Account Number: 201 098 784, Branch Code: 006105, SWIFT Code: SBZAZAJJ. Please use your name and #roofrepairs as the reference. 💙

× × × × ×


On the 22nd of June 2018, our worst fears were realised as the roof of our Physiotherapy Department above our main hall collapsed. We were very lucky in the fact that problem areas with the roof had been noticed some time ago and the whole Physiotherapy department had been relocated. As a result we have been extremely blessed that none of our residents have suffered any injury, however a number of our staff have unfortunately sustained severe dust inhalation and are being medically treated. Nevertheless, the situation with the collapsed roof is one which needs to be addressed as a matter of great and critical urgency, as the rubble of the collapse is extremely unstable and our whole stimulation Department is now exposed to the elements.

As you can imagine, this is a dreadful situation for us and the cost for repairs is estimated to be around R 500 000.00 which is an expense that Woodside has made no provision for. We implore you to please consider making a donation towards these extensive and urgent repairs which have to be done in order to ensure that our environment is made safe once again for those who live and work here!

To assist and make a donation towards the repairs, here are our banking details: Standard Bank - Account Name: Woodside Sanctuary, Account Number: 201 098 784, Branch Code: 006105, SWIFT Code: SBZAZAJJ. Please use your name and #roofrepairs as the reference.